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Firehorse Qigong Center


Firehorse Qigong Center


Qigong Tradition

Qigong (chee-gung) the practice of energy cultivation, and Tai Chi (tie-chee) are ancient Chinese practices developed thousands of years ago for the purpose of promoting optimal health, vitality and longevity.  Qigong and Tai Chi are profound, yet simple methods to obtain optimal health and wellness. They have been clinically shown to:

  • Reduce Stress & Boost the Immune System

  • Lower Blood Pressure & Aid in the Healing of Major Illnesses

  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression and Open Clarity in the Mind

  • Reduce Joint Pain

  • Improve Balance and Coordination and Increase Full Range of Motion

  • Enhance Restorative Sleep

Since July of 2006, Deborah Adams has been offering a free weekly Tai Chi and Qigong class to the local community. Starting at Pfiffner Park in Stevens Point, people gathered once each week to move and relax by the river. Over the past decade, the class has evolved and is currently held at The Wellness Spa year-round. Average attendance varies between 25-45 people each week, with a balanced mix of regular attendees and those trying it for the first time.

“In my Tai Chi classes, as long as you are doing something, you are doing it right . . .”

Deborah is certified in Tai Chi and Qigong by the IIQTC and has advanced training to teach teachers, assisting Roger Jahnke, creator of Tai Chi Easy, throughout the past 10 years in several “TCE Practice Leader” trainings and 200-hour level trainings. She has trained with many different instructors but the majority of training and style is with Master Jiang Jinyne from China, now based in New York. Deborah is currently on his Health Preservation Teacher Team, representing Wisconsin. As a student of many styles and teachers, Deborah has discovered that traditional Tai Chi is not well accepted by many Americans because it is challenging and takes a long time to learn. Through research and experimentation with her own classes, she honors traditional Tai Chi but applies her own modern twist ~ focusing on the healing benefits that come from giving people permission to just move, not caring as much about ‘how’ they are doing the movements, but allowing and encouraging them to simply be, breathe, and stay in the present moment ~ letting them know “as long as they are doing something, they are doing it right.”

Deborah synthesizes her background from ballet, jazz and modern dance, weight training and aerobics, massage therapy and body therapies, and the variety of martial arts, Tai Chi and Qigong trainings to teach a unique style of qigong she has labeled “Firehorse Qigong”. Her classes have helped thousands of attendees open the door to self-healing benefits and stress relief while also showing gratitude to a community that has supported her and her business, The Wellness Spa, since 1994.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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