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Indulgence for Body and Mind

All of our massage sessions are therapeutic-based treatments with techniques specifically unique to The Wellness Spa. These techniques were acquired through training and experience in a variety of methods for Relaxation and Recovery, Rehabilitation, Muscle Relief and Tissue Repair.

  • Massage Therapy

  • Couples Massage

  • Maternity Massage

  • Massage Alchemy

  • Massage Enhancers

Every Massage Therapist at The Wellness Spa is trained in these advanced massage techniques along with the unique skills they bring to ensure a consistent and beneficial experience with every visit.  Please see service details below.

“Since I moved to Wisconsin . . . I have received a number of massages from Wellness Spa therapists. They are amazing! . . . Originally from Maryland, I have been to numerous spas.  I must say that The Wellness Spa is by far the most aesthetically pleasing facility I have ever seen. Keep up the wonderful services . . .!

Terri G.
Relax with flowing, broad massage strokes to help calm the nervous system, soothe muscle pain and relax your body and mind. 50, 80 or 110 minutes – $70/$105/$140
Specific massage techniques to physically break down adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments to relieve pain, calm inflammation and restore natural movement. 50, 80 or 110 minutes – $80/$115/$150
Intended for site specific work such as back, neck, shoulders or problem areas. Please note there is not enough time for a full body massage. 20 minutes – $50
Natural stone massage helps to release tension and promote relaxation while accelerating overall circulation and alleviating stress. Full Body Treatment: 75 minutes – $110 Back Massage Only: 45 minutes – $80
Spend time together receiving side by side massage in our special couples room or upstairs Retreat Suite. Includes your choice of complimentary Massage Enhancer for each of you.  50 or 80 minutes – $175/225 per couple Upgrade with additional Enhancer, Deep Tissue or Maternity for $10 extra per person.
Enjoy well-deserved pampering on our special contour body pillow to ensure comfort during this specialized massage to relax and offer pain relief. 50 minutes – $80
Reflex points in your feet are worked with unique pressure-point massage to relieve tension, increase energy flow and energize your body. 20 or 50 minute session – $45/75
Relieve aches and pains by moving 'stagnant Qi' from the body with this unique and ancient style of massage using small cups for an effective therapy.Opens energy blockages, whether emotional, physical or spiritual and restores balance and harmony to the body.  20 or 50 minute session – $45/$75
Choose one or more micro-styled Enhancers to customize your massage.  Add-in only $10 each.  Does not increase massage duration.
Warmth of hot stones massaged onto your back to deeply relax muscles.
Moisturize dry skin and soothe hands with aromatic oils and heated mitts.
Nourishing dry, achy feet with blend of healing oils and warm herbal booties.
Moisturizing lotion in place of traditional massage oils used.
Upgrade your massage experience by creating your own healing body blend.  Add one of our Alchemy treatments to customize your massage to your needs.
Alchemy added onto one of our traditional massages: 20 minutes – Only $35 Alchemy as a stand-alone service (without massage): 20 minutes – $50 each
Light exfoliation of the body increases circulation and lymphatic flow, which can strengthen your immune system while making skin silky smooth.
Whether headache pain, sinus pressure or scalp massage – our therapists use a combination of treatments including hot or cold stone therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure point massage or their own specialized techniques to offer needed relief.
Warm smooth stones are used to promote deep muscle relief, increase circulation and alleviate tension. A therapeutic way to begin any massage.
Hot towel foot wrap, exfoliating lower leg and foot scrub followed with a relaxing aromatherapy foot massage. Finish with rejuvenating leg gel.
Incredibly tranquil facial massage to enhance deep relaxation and ease pain by using hot towels, marma-point massage and aromatherapy.

Get a Massage at Work!

Workplace Wellness can help your business with its stress management solutions

One of corporate America’s highest unnecessary production costs is in lost productivity due to employee stress. U.S. businesses are losing $300 billion per year due to stress (that’s over $7,500 per employee, per year), which may be why OSHA has declared stress a workplace hazard. Corporations all over America are integrating the powerful health and personal growth tools of Massage Therapy and Tai Chi into the fabric of the workplace. Why? Because alone or together, Massage and Tai Chi can save companies big money, are both very applicable to the office, can lessen workplace injury, reduce stress, and boost performance. The Wellness Spa’s Workplace Wellness program has been helping companies with their stress management solutions since 1994. You can be guaranteed quality, timeliness, and professionalism with any of our established stress management programs you choose for your company.

Advantages of On-Site Massage in the Workplace

  • An on-site massage program demonstrates the employer’s proactive commitment to the health and well-being of their employees.
  • On-Site massage is affordable, with group discounts available.
  • The special on-site chair fully supports the body and allows for the neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands to be massaged. On-site massage is done over clothing making it convenient and psychologically comfortable for everyone. Because on-site massage is ‘portable’, it can be done just about anywhere – either in a small office or break room, or in a large open area. Great for conferences or events!
  • The highly choreographed massage form allows for maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. An on-site massage revitalizes you in only 15 minutes leaving you relaxed but alert. We can also customize on-site services into 10, 15, or 20 minute massage breaks to fit into virtually anyone’s work schedule or special event.
  • As a wellness program, on-site massage required little motivation on the part of the employee resulting in high utilization. Unlike other wellness programs; there is nothing to practice, learn, or accomplish… in fact, the less you do the more effective the massage will be. Besides not requiring motivation, on-site massage actually gives people motivation to improve their wellness lifestyle as it re-acquaints their minds with their bodies.
The results of an on-site massage are immediate and include benefits such as:
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Relaxes muscle tension and stiffness
  • Increases circulation
  • Relieves tension related headaches and eye strain
  • Increases capacity of clearer thinking
  • Enhances feelings of well-being
  • Feels great!

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Look for our seasonal and other specials throughout the year.