Qi Garden Salt Spa

Qi Garden Salt Spa

A New Way to Spa

Join our 4600+ Guests. The Qi Garden Salt Spa is a unique therapy center located within The Wellness Spa in Stevens Point, Wisconsin designed for people suffering from respiratory difficulties, skin issues, high stress and lack of sleep.

Through a micro-climate of dry saline aerosol therapy (known as Speleo/HaloTherapy), the Salt Spa offers a 100% drug-free, non-invasive option to help treat the respiratory and skin issues that is safe for every age group including children, pregnant mothers and seniors. Improvement can be felt after just one 45 minute visit to this unique environment where salt covers the walls, floor and saturates the air. Those challenged with chronic and acute lung, sinus, and skin issues can experience improvements in just 3-20 treatments depending on severity.  Also, try out our  Zen Garden room that invites you to lay in a dry bath of Himalayan salt feeling the benefits and helping your body relax. Qi Garden Salt Spa benefits:

  • Antibacterial and 100% Natural/Drug Free

  • Relieves Asthma, Pneumonia and Bronchitis

  • Helps Prevent Colds and Flu

  • Helps Relieve Sinusitus and Rhinitis

  • Relieves Respiratory Allergies and Aids Wheezing and Coughs

  • Relieves Chest Tightness and Breathlessness

  • Empowers Healing and Strengthens the Immune System

  • Helps Step Away from Hectic World to Just Relax

Combine a Salt Spa session with other Wellness Spa treatments for true relaxation and health improvement and a great way to treat yourself to a whole spa day.  Watch for combined specials at various times throughout the year.

“I suffer from COPD and decided to commit to a course of salt sessions.  I noticed small changes after my first few sessions but after my 7th session I noticed a drastic drop in the need for my emergency inhaler. I usually go through one per week and I have only used one inhaler total in the past three months. I used to spend 30 minutes a day on a nebulizer, but after my 12th salt session, I have stopped using the nebulizer completely.”


“I have used the Salt Spa consistently for the past year.  The Salt Spa has become an integral part of my health maintenance and overall well-being.  The entire staff of The Wellness Spa are kind, caring, sincere and professional which enhances the entire experience.  I am very grateful for The Wellness Spa.”


Healing Stories

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Look for our seasonal and other specials throughout the year.